Happy by Misha Milovanovich at Snark.art
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PrintPrint on Fine Art Giclee Paper8.3 x 11.7 in (21 x 29.7 cm)Physical artwork
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About the artwork

Misha’s work is often layered with humor and wit. Her colorful, densely layered works are held in a state of tension between order and chaos, rational structure and spontaneity. She combines depth and surface relief, orchestrating bold contrasts of form, texture and space in her pictures. An intimate color palette of bodily fluids - red, pink, white, black, yellow and brown - animate the writhing forms and the refracted memories of cartoonish cultural production. A cultural polymath, Misha is constantly engaged in observing society and it’s distortions of desire, consumerism, sense of belonging, lust and attitudes to feminine. Misha's main subject matter is emotion, so naturally her work is highly personal and biographical in ways that create a direct, emotional response from the viewer.

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