Time by Michele Giangrande at Snark.art
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Time, 2010

SculptureA segment proportional to the percentage of Americans who breathe unhealthy air has been cut out from this magazine, wood, glass, aluminum.19.5 x 22.6 in (49.5 x 57.5 cm)Physical artwork
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About the artwork

"Giangrande breaks the rules of narration, he “cripples” the magazine and tells a new story, always in keeping with the issue the magazine deals with, in keeping with its headline and the picture on the front cover. It’s an aggressive process where the artist makes your ideas collide, which makes his purpose sublime and changes your way of reading. Every magazine lost a certain percentage of area that turns out to be the same percentage of the news he really wants to report. Michele Giangrande plays on his artistic skills, his latest works recall Fontana’s cut and slashed paintings or Hirst’s dissected cow and calf. They all refer to the carving procedure where a work of art is made by cutting away material from marble. So magazines turn sculptures, reliquaries even. They got framed in a passe-partout second frame of the same size of the original magazine to make you notice a piece is missing. What’s more, there is an aluminium plate on the lowest part of the frame saying what is the percentage that had been cut away. This way he matches up the conceptual complexity of his works with a more refined and resolute language."