LJICA by Misha Milovanovich at Snark.art
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LJICA, 2019-2020

PrintPrint on Fine Art Giclee Paper8.3 x 11.8 in (21 x 30 cm)Physical artwork
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Signature: Hand-signed by artist.
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About the artwork

In this body of work Misha celebrates her own personal history. Misha grew up in Serbia surrounded by women – sisters, cousins, aunts and her mother and she recognised their unique qualities and is now celebrating their physical and spiritual beauty. These new paintings by Misha Milovanovich called: ”Sisters, Mothers, Daughters and Brothers” are made on small canvases, echoing the intimacy and closeness of these special bonds.. Misha’s fusion of amorphic modernist-inspired shapes celebrates these archetypes and pays homage to the eternal feminine in all of us. Misha’s forms are undoubtably female - she weaves in echoes of birds, clouds, petals and structures from biology. With her signature vivid colour, optical movement and energetic visual cadences Misha invites us to remember our debt to our biological Mothers and Mother Earth herself. Brothers and others are definitely not excluded - here Misha plays with perceived notions of gender with her trademark wit and joie de vivre.