In the Age of Quarantine
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In the age of Quarantine

AoQ is a new platform for artists to sell art and support one another during the post-pandemic recovery - a viral response to the virus.

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 — for digital works

As the Covid-19 pandemic forces a distinction between “essential” and “nonessential” workers, many artists are left behind.

To both help artists and breathe new life into the art market, we have built a commission-sharing platform for artists to sell their work. The proceeds of each sale are split between the creator and other artists on the site.

Artists receive 60% of their sale price and share 30% with other artists.

10% goes to to cover development and hosting costs.

Artists invite others artists.

Participating artists suggest other artists to submit works. In the age of Quarantine  is a self-curating platform offering artworks to an ever expanding audience.

There are two ways to join the initiative:

Submit an application to one of our curators. They will review it within the 2-4 weeks and come back to you.

Obtain an invitation from one of participating artists you know personally.



How it works For Artists

How it works For Buyers

Frequently Asked Questions

Artist related questions

How can I participate in this project?

The best way to participate is to receive a personal invitation from one of the artists that is already involved with In the Age of Quarantine. As another option, you can submit an application in the Artist's section of the website. Your application will be reviewed by an artist from the platform and you will receive either rejection or approval from

How do I submit an artwork for sale?

In your artist profile, you will find a button labeled: “Submit an artwork.” Click that button and you will get to a form that allows you to upload information about the artwork (including price and other details). will review the submission and if approved, offer the artwork for sale on our platform.

I was approved as an artist able to participate in this project, but a certain artwork of mine was not approved for submission. Why is that?

An artwork could be rejected for a number of reasons. If it seems too ambitious a piece for to facilitate, if it is not the original work of the submitting artist, etc. The submitting artist must be the sole and exclusive owner of all artworks they are selling on the platform. Collaborators who share creative copyright can submit works as a team.

What types of artworks can I sell?

Artists can submit both digital works (video, audio, literature, gifs, etc.) and physical works (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.).

How many artworks can I put up for sale?

While there is no limit to the number of artworks you can sell on the platform, we recommend starting with up to three. Artists will have to submit an application for each artwork individually.

How many copies can I sell of the same piece of digital art?

Artists can sell editions of their work. However, artists can only upload and sell one edition of a work at a time on the platform and must make the limited edition number public when submitting an editioned work.

When can I withdraw 60% of my sales?

For digital work, 60% of your sale price (net of credit card fees) will be available for withdrawal immediately upon purchase. For physical work 60% (net of credit card fees) will be available upon confirmed delivery of the work to the buyer.

What is the minimum or maximum price for the artworks I can submit?

There is no price limit for works at our platform but due the current economic situation we recommend to propose artworks under $1,500 for emerging artists and up to $3K for mid-career artists.

I’m really hard up for cash right now and could use all the money I can get—but I still want to participate. What is the absolute minimum I can contribute to other artworks on the platform from my sales?

The initiative is designed so that artists share 30% of the proceeds from each sale (net of credit card fees) with other artists on the platform. However, you can price your artworks accordingly to ensure that 60% of a sale (net of credit card fees) will be worthwhile but be aware of the current economic situation and do not exaggerate your price point.

How will I receive the proceeds from my work once it is sold?

After an artist sells their work, an option will appear on screen for them to withdraw their funds in their artist profile. Once an artist selects this option, we will contact them to ask for their payment details. Artists can choose the payment method most convenient to them, including check, wire transfer, or Venmo transaction.

Why do I only have 24 hours to contribute a portion of my sales to other artists’ work?

We want to ensure that funds are distributed in a timely manner to best serve all the artists in this community who need help right now.

How do I invite other artists to join In the Age of Quarantine?

After you have submitted work to In the Age of Quarantine you will receive an invitation link to forward to other artists so they can join the initiative.

Who covers credit card fees?

The majority of our buyers use credit cards as a primary method of payment. Upon the sale we receive funds from our processor (Stripe) already net of these fees and then split them 60/30/10 between the artist, community, and the platform.

How much are credit card fees?

Our payment processor (Stripe) charges 2,9% + $0.3 for every transaction plus 1% for international cards, so ~ 4% in total.

Collector related questions

How can I pay for artwork on the platform?

We are accepting credit/debit card payments, wire transfers, and cryptocurrency (btc, eth, dai).

Will I be the sole owner if I buy an artwork that is already partially funded?

Yes. The purpose of contributing to other artists’ work is to help other buyers make purchases, stimulating the art market and helping artists in need sell more work.

Can I invite artists I like to join In the Age of Quarantine?

Only artists with work on the site can invite other artists.

How can I securely store my digital artwork once I own it, and how can I view it/show it to others?

Buyers will need a digital wallet in which they can store their digital artworks. If a buyer does not have a digital wallet, we will help them create a Fortmatic wallet as they register to join the platform.

So what is a Fortmatic wallet?

Fortmatic is a 3rd-party digital wallet that you will need to store your digital art and digital certificates of authenticity for your physical art. We will ask you to open one during the registration process. More information on Fortmatic wallet can be found at If you have your own digital wallet - feel free to use it instead.

If I buy a physical artwork, how will it be shipped to me?

Buyers will be responsible for arranging the receipt of physical artwork with the artist, whether it entails shipping or an in-person pickup. (If arranging an in-person pickup, we strongly encourage doing this in a way that adheres to social distancing and personal safety guidelines). Buyers are responsible for shipping or delivery costs.

We will provide the artist’s contact information upon the sale of their work to the buyer so the two can coordinate. If a collector has any trouble contacting the artist, or has any other questions about the process, please contact us at so we can help.

Will my purchased artwork appreciate in value over time?

It’s quite possible! But the art market is fickle, and we can’t make any promises. For now, we hope collectors find value in the joy the artwork brings them and in supporting artists.